When you think of the Caribbean, you think of the blue waters, the constant sunshine and cool winds that caress the islands. But nothing echoes the true spirit of the Caribbean quite like the sound of the steelpan. Born in Trinidad and raised throughout the island the steelpan is uniquely Caribbean.

Kino Portrait

Aruba's steelpan experience came a little more then fifty years ago. It started in San Nicolaas, the second largest city of Aruba and the heart and home of Aruba Carnival roots. Within a few years it would become the home of the steelpan. Lago Oil Refinery was located in San Nicolaas, recruting workers from Trinidad and other english-speaking Caribbean islands. These migrant workers and their descendants brought both their tradition of calypso music and their english language to the island.

Kino Steeldrum History - TASPO

In 1951 the Trinidad Allstars arrived, exposing the steelpan scene to men like Naldo Brown, Edgar Connor, Dennis Jones and others. The man who was responsable for bringing pan to the island was named Shu Shu Baby from Trinidad. Naldo Brown then after, started the Aruba Allstars, with players like Dennis Jones, Paul Connor, Edgar Conner and others. Their place for practicing was above the old Jimmy Poolroom in Village Zuid (South). A couple years later the following marching (also call the Roadside) steelbands emerged: the Invaders steelband, with her leader Edgar Connor and the Esso Ohio steelband, with her leader Dennis Jones.